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Animes are everywhere in Japanese culture, it is not uncommon to find entire buildings in Japan filled with Goods of any kinds such as Figures, toys, Gachapon, Badges, key chain, ...

In this section, you will find the goods of your favorite anime from Japan!

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Passionate about manga but not only?

With the rise of manga in Japan, they are being adapted into anime for our biggest pleasure! A gripping anime theme song that stays on top for hours or even years on karaoke nights.

What better way to see your favorite characters come to life and take action in a series of cartoons, in combat scenes in Japanese anime, especially in DBZ (shonen type in manga often with monsters) or scenes from romance in anime romance also called anime girl as Nana (shojo type in manga).

Japanese animation has so many surprises in store for us, whether in the form of Miyazaki animated films, for example, in cartoons to be rediscovered on DVD and Blu Ray or in a box set.

From watching Japanese cartoons to goods and figures

Looking for some goods from one of your favorite anime? Or a gift idea for a loved one who loves Japanese video games?

Otakute offers you many items and goods from current anime and popular anime. A huge choice is available for you!

As soon as a new collector goods comes out, it can be part of your beautiful collection.

Discover without further delay among the goods to buy or to offer in our shop thanks to a wide selection of exclusive items from Japan: figurines, gashapons & straps, shikishi, clothes, cards and other items.

Otakute offers you items from the greatest Japanese anime like:

- DBZ - Dragon ball Z: a ​​cult classic fighting anime series

- One piece: a very popular anime about pirates by Eiichirō Oda

- Naruto: an anime centered on ninjas and their incredible abilities

- Detective Conan: an anime where the alleged heir of Sherlock Holmes conducts his investigations

- BNHA - Boku No Hero Academia: an anime where young prodigies are destined to become heroes

- Gintama: a gag manga that parodies popular animes and facts from japanese culture

- SAO - Sword Art Online: an anime where the virtual is gaining momentum

- Fate: an anime series where collaboration with mythical heroes continues

- Jojo's bizarre adventure : a popular anime where fights rhymes with stand

- Evangelion: an anime centered on explosive fights in symbiosis with eva creatures

- Shingeki No Kyojin - attack on titans: an anime where the survival of humanity comes first

Japan Expo or other conventions?

Japan expo brings together a lot of great enthusiasts of japanization. These are displayed in the effigy of their favorite characters in the form of disguise commonly known as cosplay. As many characters as they come from female characters, superheroes, pirate or characters from computer generated images like Miku Hatsune.

Wearing a cosplay (better known in France under the term disguise) and playing the character for a fan requires passionate work and it brings nostalgia when finished or purchased. Young and old can be fans and appreciate the talent of cosplayers. Imagine the reaction of a little girl who sees her favorite character in front of her outside the screen before her eyes: joy and wonder!

However, other otaku wander the aisles and stumble upon food stalls for salty or sweet snacks. Products that can only be found in Japan locally. They also go in search of the latest products or limited goods to find!

By the way, are you craving for the latest Saint Seiya Myth Cloth collector figure from Japan?

Before the only way you got it was to wait for that famous convention in France, or to go to Tokyo to hunt your goodie like Gon from Hunter x Hunter or the websites at a pretty steep price. From now on, thanks to Otakute, get your official products from your animated series with fast delivery and at the right price.

Anime figures and what else?

If you are a fan of figure of all kinds, don't worry, discover all our products in our shop to enjoy having on your shelf: shikishi of Conan or Goku, badges of Sailor Moon, mini-figures from gachapon from your beloved cartoon and many more.

What better way to start the day with a great cup of coffee or tea in a super mug featuring Luffy from Onepiece or Asuna from SAO for the fans.

Cocktail hour or watching a TV series! Who better to enjoy snacks on a plate with DBZ collaboration ?

A birthday is preparing for your nephew, big fan of pokemon? Nothing would make him happier to have all these friends at his party enjoying the succulent cake with dishes bearing the image of Pikachu and  Evee

Rarity and exclusivity

Fan of a specific heroine? Otakute will find for you as far as possible your favorite heroine figure within a given timeframe in Japan among the various suppliers at a fair price.

A special section is dedicated to requests for rare goods. For example, a collector's pokemon card not found in Europe or on reseller websites but at a very expensive price? Don't panic, nothing is played because our store also offers individual and collector cards. Or, this request can be requested if this card is available among our suppliers.

When a film is released nationally, we look forward to that film’s theatrical release date. The same is true for the release of a collector's box of a video game or a special edition to celebrate the 20th anniversary of an anime. As soon as the official release, the great enthusiasts put in their baskets virtually or in store very quickly given the limited stock.

What if, otakute tells you about ichiban kuji prizes? Does that mean something to you or absolutely not?

What is an ichiban kuji ? This is a popular Japanese lottery that takes place monthly by the manufacturer Bandai spirits. Lottery tickets are on sale in order to always come out a winner and to be able to win a specific prize according to the number of your lottery ticket. This is a completely random game but you can get as much a small prize as a mega prize and of course in the world of Japanese culture.

Our shop offers these Ichiban Kuji lotteries in the dedicated section!

Tickets are on sale online and during the lottery, the draw will be made live from the lottery to properly preserve the logic of the lottery and the prizes will be revealed at the same time.

Until now, these Ichiban Kuji were offered on a limited basis in certain conventions or specific events. Lots are also sometimes available on resale sites at a certain price.

Otakute wants to be able to offer fans the chance to purchase these prizes directly with the purchase of the lottery tickets at a favorable price or by purchasing direct from our site.

In Japan, the Gashapon are part of the city scene, especially in Akihabara. These are automatic machines that can also be found in France in front of certain newsstands or in shopping centers. The common point is that these machines offer spheres containing chewings-gum, the most unusual key rings or even mini-figurines bearing the effigy of main characters from popular anime. The difference being collector's edition gashapons (character from Capcom, Sailormoon, Pokemon, ...) and gashapon which have become rare and which cannot be found elsewhere outside of Japan.

Our store has unearthed these gashapons for you at random and offers them to you for direct purchase via lives on our Youtube page dedicated to our online store.

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