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Your favorite disney character can be found here !

The magic works for young and old. Let yourself be charmed again by the magic of Disney with this section filled with official Disney goodies directly from Japan: figurine, Qposket, plushies, toy, clothing, cosmetics and other products to discover!

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Official and exclusive Disney goodies at the best price

In this section of the store, you will find a wide selection of choices of Disney goodies of all kinds. Let yourself be charmed by the magic and find all your fairy tale heroes. Otakute, does everything to offer you licenses accessible to the whole family and sets up a fast delivery from Japan.

The Power of Comic Book Super Heroes

Disney studios recently acquired new flagship titles to enrich their universe, welcome to every new Marvel superhero. To our delight, they are now present in every disney store in Japan as well as in many Walt Disney parks. Whoever has never heard of the Marvel Avengers raise their hand, of course no one can lift it because of how the Mcu is such an integral part of the Walt Disney Company Cinematic Universe.

Among the many Marvel Studios movies there are:

Avengers: With his incredible team of superheroes including the 2 most iconic Tony Stark piloting the Iron Man and Captain America tack

Spider man: No one likes spiders but weirdly this one everyone loves him is Peter Parker aka the spider man

Guardians of the Galaxy: The Guardians are a team of superheroes from space and what would the Guardians be without their Groot, I am Groooot

Thor: With his Asgardian god and legendary hammer, which only the worthy can carry

Doctor Strange: And his magician who can change reality itself

Black panther: Where King T’challa rules a hidden tech empire

This is what the Marvel Universe is all about, but beware Disney it's not just Marvels movies it's Lucasfilm too.

Tan tan tan tan tantan tan tantan ! Who did not recognize this emblematic air? This is of course Star Wars with its Jedi fights between Skywalker oops spoil. You will found a various choice of star wars toys and goods of characters and vessels here !

Find all the films and future films on the store in blu ray and DVD in Japanese version and fight the empire with this magnificent lightsaber in promotion.

The origin of the fairy world

At the beginning we had a recognizable little mouse with his 2 rounded black ears, you all know him the cutest Mickey Mouse rodent. Later, he was accompanied by his own princess Minnie, so the first couple Mickey and Minnie was created. Don't forget to buy your slippers with their images.

Disney princesses

But above all, Disney is a princess who will often meet her prince charming in a tale for young and old. Everyone has seen at least once in their life an animated film starring one of disney's star characters.

Currently there are 13 princesses, each with its own specificity and character:

Snow White: His stepmother the witch put him into an eternal sleep out of jealousy

Cinderella: Another ugly mother-in-law, a pumpkin and a glass shoe

Aurora: Good fairies and a bad spell cast by Maleficent

Ariel: This little mermaid wanted so much to walk on dry land that she lost her voice

Belle: An unorthodox story leading to the love of Beauty and the Beast

Jasmine: In the land of a thousand and one nights, she's the one Aladdin stopped stealing for

Pocahontas: The daughter of an Indian village chief who will do anything to save John Smith and his clan

Mulan: A fearless Chinese warrior posing as a man in order to fight the Huns

Tiana: A commoner wanting to open her own restaurant who will fall in love with a frog

Rapunzel: A young teenager kidnapped from her parents since birth

Mérida: A rebellious viking as suggested by her orange hair

Elsa: A magician who is also the snow queen

Vaiana: The meeting between a teenage girl and a former Maui demigod

For each of these princesses, we offer you beautiful Qposket that will delight your little girls or even yourself if you have remained a big child, after all, Disney is for the whole family.

Disney stores in Japan are different from the Disney stores that can be found in cities in France. Merchandising is an integral part of Japanese culture, as well the character Stitch is one of the most popular. Which is why expect to find a selection of home products you won't find anywhere else such as this Rebel lamp.

Ultra fast cars

Ketchaaa my name is flash mCQueen is I'm lightning fast, who hasn't dreamed of driving that red car. Cars is a Pixar film that was later bought by Disney to the delight of all these fans. There are many toy cars, ranging from early childhood to collectible figures, including bath towels.

Talking toys

Towards infinity and beyond and here is another cartoon Pixar which was bought by Walt Disney World in order to benefit from its derivative products. And with Toy Story we are served, we have the cowboy, the space ranger and all their acolytes who are themselves toys. The Galaxy disney is gigantic and with Toy Story, it's still new products.

Cartoons and Wonderland:

We have seen the various subsidiaries and live action as well as its princesses, now let's take a closer look at its cult heroes. During the school holidays, especially those of Christmas, Disney filmography is in full swing on television with at least one TV movie per day featuring one of the Disney heroes through animals such as Dumbo, this elephant with long ears or even a Greek demigod with monstrous strength such as Hercules.

Ordering a disney Halloween costume from Tokyo disney would be a good idea, isn't it?

Cult songs:

Disney is also a whole universe of dances and songs reproduced on stage in the many Disneyland parks, here is an excerpt:

Lion King: We are one and our ancestors watch over us

The Jungle Book: It takes little to be happy, this is the talk of a bear who understands everything in life

Aladdin: This blue dream, every girl dreams of this wonderful world

Aristochat: Become a cat and sleep all day alala

You too should get this pretty music box available in limited stock.

Adaptations in video games

Among the many Disney adapted for video games, there is one that stands out because it is a game adapted as a cartoon. It's about the nice big bad Ralph The Casse came straight out of the game Fix it Jelix Jr.

But the best known remains the indestructible Kingdom Hearts where we lead several Disney heroes for long, frenzied games.

Breathtaking Live Actions

In order to make discover or rediscover to the new generation all the magic specific to the feature films of Disney films. Adaptations are being made or have already been made with real actors.

Jasmine and Raja are waiting for you in the inexpensive store in a Qspocket version specific to Japanese culture.

You will undoubtedly have understood that, of course, we offer a lot of goodies on our Shop, ranging from a simple keychain to the figure from the latest Opus in the Walt Disney universe.

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