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The shiroyasha turned Free-lance

Fan of this atypical hero? Find Gintoki, Shinpachi and Kagura and other characters from the Gintama universe in official figures and goodies from Japan!

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Gintama, the famous manga gag flagship of Shonen Jump!

Gintama a shonen manga series on the theme of samurai and aliens, set during the Edo era.

Written and illustrated by Hideaki Sorachi, the manga is published in the weekly shonen jump. The manga gintama has also been adapted into an anime and the last Gintama film, which marks the end of the story, will be released in January 2021 in Japan.

At the end of the Edo era, history takes place.

Humanity is invaded by aliens called Amanto.

Samurai rally to the cause of defense of humanity in a great war.

Once the shogun understands the immense power of aliens, he surrenders, allowing aliens to enter and settle in Japan and prohibit the wearing of the katana so that the samurai can no longer fight.

The series follows the adventures of an eccentric ancient samurai who has become a legend - Gintoki Sakata once nicknamed Shiroyasha. Gintoki takes in an apprentice named Shinpachi Shimura, after helping him save his sister Tae Shimura from an evil gang of aliens.

Later a third member joins the Yorozuya team, it is an alien teenager, Kagura, after Gintoki and Shinpachi save her from a bloodthirsty yakuza.

The trio becomes known as Yorozuya.

They will often find themselves in discord, but also sometimes as a team with the police force; the Shinsengumi.

His legendary trio; The demonic vice commander: Hijikata Toshiro, the super sadist: Okita Sougo and their leader: Kondo Isao will often cross paths with our heroes for better or for worse.

They will also be brought to share episodes with former samurai comrades of Gintoki, including Kotaro Katsura leader of Jouishishi and Shinsuke Takasugi, who has now become a dangerous enemy determined to destroy the bakufu with the terrorists of Kiheitai!

Without forgetting Sakamoto Tatsuma who became the leader of the space trade federation, the Kaitai.

If you like Gintama, and you are looking for a gintoki figure, for example, come and discover the item's collection, new or used, from the gintama serie ! All are from Japan and are officials goods only.

Among our selection of products, you will find gintama figures but also gintama goods such as gashapon keychains and shikishi, as well as many second-hand goods such as pvc figures and prizes from previous ichiban kuji lotteries, which include A4 or clear file pouches, pencil cases and tote bags, but also mini figures and notebooks.

Enough to decorate the house with Gintama like framing jigsaw puzzles but also napkins with the effigy of the characters, mugs and glasses, not to mention posters and posters.

We also have a selection of Gintama clothing; gintoki t-shirts or Hijikata sweatshirts, but also bags, for example a shinsengumi backpack and kawaii socks with the image of the gintama characters.

Gintama features two mascots who appear regularly in the work. Sadaharu or elizabeth soft toys will be regularly added to otakute.

All the biggest figure makers like Bandai Spirits Banpresto, Kotobukiya, the megahouse GEM regularly announce figure releases. Don't miss the pre-orders of the future gintama figures live from japan in the pre-order category!

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