Ichiban Kuji - The lottery where everyone wins!

Find all the best Ichiban kuji lotteries live from Japan. The best anime series like DBZ, one piece, kimetsu no yaiba, but also video games like kirby or monster hunter are available regularly. Enter the raffle to win a surprise goods! Each ticket is associated with a prize so everyone will win! The draws will take place in video on YouTube and Instagram.

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Ichiban Kuji - The lottery to win every time!

Ichiban Kuji (一番 く じ) is the lottery for fans of Japanese anime culture. Each month the franchise announces several games by drawing lots to win lots of prizes from our favorite series.

The goods are all from the famous manufacturer Bandai Spirits also known as Banpresto that any collector of figurines is familiar with, which are the origin of many series of goods and figures including Q Posket, EXQ craneking, MasterStarPieces, etc. 

Each month you can play to win exclusive products only available through Ichiban Kuji Lottery like the ichiban kuji kimetsu no yaiba lottery currently running on Otakute.

One piece ichiban kuji and dbz will also be available!

Unlike other lotteries, you always win a prize! Ichiban Kuji has run hundreds of lotteries with always amazing prizes from our beloved series such as One Piece, Dragon Ball, Pokemon, Gintama, Demon Slayer, Kirby, Re: Rero, Evangelion, Gundam, Nintendo and many more !

Although there are similar lotteries across Japan, such as Minna no Kuji from FuRyu and Ani-Kuji from Animate, Ichiban Kuji is undeniably the most famous and popular lottery and what it means is that it carries very well its name because the translation of "Ichiban Kuji" in English is: "the best lottery"!

How to play Ichiban Kuji

As lotteries are organized in combini, bookstores and hobby shops in Japan, playing Ichiban Kuji is very easy when you are there, but more difficult when you are in France, but don't panic you will find all of them. The best ichiban kuji lotteries at the best price on Otakute!

After ordering the tickets online, a draw will take place in live video which will allow you to draw the tickets in the dedicated Kuji box in order to discover your winning, the prizes generally go from the letter A to the letter J.

In these different categories of lots, you will find the prices classified A and B which are generally the rarest, being plush toys or larger figurines, which increases the rarity of the lots.

The kuji lottery prizes are not produced to be intended for sale, but only to be won during a draw by buying a ticket in the store or by buying it from an individual who would have won it and then resold it but on Otakute you can find second hand figures from previous lotteries!

The packaging features the letter attributed to it for the print, which makes an ichiban kuji figure very easily recognizable.

The cost of reselling a rare figure from an Ichiban lottery can reach several hundred euros depending on the quality and rarity of the product!

Prizes marked with letters below have many more Kuji tickets available and are usually smaller prizes like key chains or glass but it depends if there are also big prize lotteries, often for dbz and ONE PIECE which will have more prizes of figurines to win sometimes even up to the letter F!

But the most rare after of all the Ichiban Kuji prizes is the “Last One” prize that some exclusive lotteries offer.

This is a prize you win when you buy the last ticket in the Kuji raffle box. Last One prices are generally priced higher than other lots on the used market in Japan, and are therefore even rarer than A-rated prices!

Most stores don't have a limit on the number of tickets you can buy, and like any lottery, more tickets you buy, more lucky you will be to get the prize you want.

But if despite everything you do not manage to obtain it, do not hesitate to consult Otakute regularly to try to find it for direct resale from Japan, or even to send us a message if you are looking for a particular lot we will do our best. Possible for you to find it.

We meet on video to find out what you have won!

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