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Being able to dress up every day and in addition with official products from Japan just as kawaii as each other would be great! Admit that it makes you want to buy the collection of hand creams from Pokemon, make up with the sailormoon palettes, or just take a look with Kirby mirrors! This section lists Japanese cosmetics and cute accessories with your favorite licenses.

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Japanese makeup and cosmetics: the best products.

Outside of Harajuku or the more cutting edge areas of Tokyo, Japanese makeup is minimalist, natural, and generally flawless. But we also find more and more colorful and extravagant makeup among young Japanese and Japanese. A country well known for limitless shopping, Japanese cosmetics and skincare products are also entitled to their collections from anime and video games.

On otakute you will be able to get all the collaborations of cosmetic products with anime, but also Japanese skin care and makeup. Among the articles you will find Japanese best seller products;

A large selection of skin care products for all skin types. Create your perfect skincare routine by trying the most famous Japanese brands for your skin type!

Taking care of your skin and its beauty is a ritual that everyone uses every day in Japan. For this a moisturizing serum for the face, day or night cream, care and moisturizer are necessary.

Equally necessary: ​​the famous Japanese cleansing products, in order to use the double cleansing technique which is a beauty ritual in Japan. It involves removing makeup and cleansing the skin in two steps to keep it clean and healthy. For this we use a foam cleaner and an oil cleaner.

During the cleansing stage, AHA and BHA fruit peels will be valuable allies for your skin. These cleansers are very effective in deep cleaning pores and removing dead cells.

A good sunscreen is also a necessity to prevent wrinkles, in Japan there are a multitude of them sometimes even with cute packaging.

Find the entire collection of Japanese beauty products here.

Regarding makeup, a wide choice of products with Pokémon, kirby, card captor sakura, sailor moon, kimetsu no yaiba and twisted wonderland packaging will be offered to you regularly on Otakute.

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List of Japanese makeup products:


Japanese mascaras are excellent. “The area of ​​greatest concern for Japanese women is the size of the eyes and the length of the eyelashes,” explains Nishimura, a famous Japanese makeup artist. “Because we have less accentuated lids, we want longer lashes that don't smudge easily.

The Kiss Me Heroine Make Mascara is definitely one of the best mascara, the result is amazing, long lashes without clumps, it is one of the best selling brands in Japan. It is easily recognized with its manga packaging which reminds us of the rose of Versailles.


Likewise, waterproof high performance eyeliners are another not to be overlooked. The K-Palette 1day tattoo eyeliner has been around for a very long time, and keeps its promises of long wear without spots. We also like the Mote Flowfush Liquid Eyeliner, which features a range of colors, including a "very, very black."

Eyeshadows and makeup palette

Undeniably a very popular product among the collabs with different anime series such as recently its demo x pokemon palettes and bandai cosmetic range products in collaboration with twisted wonderland.

The palettes are of good quality and well pigmented, there are colors with the themes of the characters of the series represented in the eyeshadow palettes which makes them unique.


Collaborations are also popular with lipsticks, lip glosses and especially lip balms. The sanrio franchise offers kawaii balms as small figurines in cupcakes featuring Sanrio characters like Hello Kitty, Cinamonroll and Gudetama. Likewise at Ghibli and Pokemon, you will find various cosmetic products for lip care.

Blush and compact powder

The pink blush from the sailor moon collection traveled the world until stocks were exhausted. Indeed its magnificent packaging and the quality of the blush had won over more than one. Since then, there is a wide range of sailor moon cosmetics including blush and powder, but also eyeliner and lipstick and brushes.


Japanese foundations are available in several formulas: liquid foundation, powder foundation, cream foundation, BB cream and cushion foundation.

The famous cushion foundation is more and more popular since last year. It stood out thanks to its natural skin finish while covering imperfections and a smooth and healthy skin effect.

Every year Its demo does a collab with a cushion liquid foundation from the famous Japanese brand Missha with Kirby or pokemon.

For a cover foundation with a perfect skin finish the best brand is undoubtedly Koh Gen Do. Widely tested and approved by many YouTubers, no other foundation to date offers such a smoothing and moisturizing result.

Clé de Peau also has excellent foundations: a stick foundation, the radiant stick foundation and a cream foundation.

Unlike other stick foundations, the radiant stick foundation is easy to apply and is light to the touch. It is cool and is easily applied to the skin. This foundation is recommended for people with dry skin or combination skin looking for a very hydrating foundation.


One of the best Japanese concealer is the Clé de Peau Concealer it is a favorite of celebrities all over the world it comes from the luxury line Shiseido.

Effective for the under the eyes, it does not wrinkle and does not appear pasty. The product is so popular with American makeup artists that the brand had to add shades beyond the narrow range of three colors typically available in Asia.

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