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Pokemon Goodies: Catch 'em all!

Pokémon will never go out of fashion and everyone has heard of it! This section lists for your greatest happiness: pokemon figurine, pokemon plush, rare pokemon card and much more ... All you have to do is "catch" these official goods from Japan!

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The phenomenon of Pokémon merchandising

Everyone knows the name pokemon, even people who are not fans of the series. In fact, Pokemon has crossed ages and continents for more than 20 years now.

Just as popular with children as with teenagers and even adults, several generations have grown up and have been fans of the Japanese television series Pokémon but also of the pokemon video games that have seen the light of day on the Game Boy.

It all started in 1996 with the story of the young adventurer boy, Sacha who goes on a journey with the so-called “pocket monster” characters through a fantastic country populated by hundreds of pokemon species and lives every day a new adventure accompanied by his faithful companion Pikachu.

The Japanese Satoshi Tajiri developed this story and enjoyed runaway success with the release of the first Pokemon game. During his childhood, he collected insects, drew them and organized races to measure them against each other. He developed this idea in the famous blue and red pokemon video games that saw the light of day in 1996.

Nintendo produced only 200,000 games for the Game Boy console.

At that time nobody would have ever guessed that the Nintendo portable console, considered to have disappeared for a few years, would make a big comeback in the rooms of young and old, and would make red and blue pokemon a global success, whereas today we are at the 8th generation in Galar, Pokémon sword and shield.

Since then the license has gained ground and continues to exist, but above all she has become an iconic figure in Japanese pop culture.

There are a multitude of events, collaborations with Pokémon, but above all goods and pokemon figures and even has its own store chain: the Pokemon center, whose new one opened this year in Shibuya which sports a life-size figure of Mewtoo in the center of the store. Each pokemon center is always designed to match the pokemon universe, we find the white and red color codes of the pokeballs, but also decorations of Pokémon statues on a scale of 1: 1

Today, there is also an online game called Pokémon Go which met with great international success from the first days of its release, for the first time Pokémon fans could play outside the house and try to catch these little monsters directly on their smartphones, which brought fans together in big cities to search for Pokémon in places known to everyone.

If you too are in love with these little monsters, immerse yourself in the range of products made in the Pokémon company and all this directly import from Japan, which you can buy online on the Otakute store

Pikachu and Co. - catch them all in the online store!

If you are looking for pokemon figures, pokemon cards and pokemon goods, you have come to the right place.

Indeed, you can find in the Otakute store, many references in terms of pokemon goods, such as pokemon playing card decks, more or less rare, some will be available regularly and others for pre-order for the most sought after, for example the collection of pokemon cards Shiny Star V or the limited edition pokemon plush from the pokemon center in japan.

We have selected for you many pokemon goods directly from Tokyo, you will find them in the categories of pokemon products available to satisfy any type of fan. Whether you are looking for a gift for a pokemon fan or a gift for a child, the same for female fans with among others the collaborations of Japanese pokemon cosmetics, all kawaii, in particular from the famous Japanese brand It’s Demo.

Also find many prizes from the Ichiban kuji lottery from Japan, full of pokemon items such as pens, pouches, pencil cases and backpacks, pokemon figures and keychain gashapon, linens such as towels and soft toys.

Here you will find all the best in merchandise from the Pokémon series and even in clothing, which will delight even the most avid fans. To cite a few examples of available products; T-shirts with the star Pikachu and his friends but also sweaters and sweatshirts without forgetting the caps with the effigy of the little creatures.

Decorate your home with Pokemon!

You can also take the little creatures home with you with our selection of home decor items. Order a pretty mug or mug with your favorite Pokémon character, or a Snorlax plush toy to put on your bed.

Another good gift idea, a pokemon puzzle to frame, which will be a good alternative to classic pokemon posters to decorate your walls.

Pokemon toy type goodies

How about a Pokémon monopoly board? You will be amazed at how the game makers turned the Monopoly game into a Pokemon world. Pikachu, Charizard, or Ectoplasma plush toys are also great gift ideas for fans. Other types of toys will also be on site, including the famous pokeballs

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