Who is your favorite ghibli character?

Breathtaking images, attractive music, a universe for each ghibli film, what more could you ask for? Review or perhaps make discover certain films on Netflix or on DVD / Blu-ray in particular Totoro for young and old. Or please her niece because she is a fan of Kiki's Delivery Service for her birthday. Official Ghibli store goodies from Japan are present in this section, ranging from the Jiji keychain or Totoro bag to the Spirited Away artbook.

Ghibli goods at exclusive prices

In the land of the rising sun, anime and OAV are favored. Among the greatest hits of Japanese popular culture, there is a “small” studio, Studio Ghibli, which lists films worthy of masterpieces, feature films and short films among the best Japanese cartoons.

The Otakute store has unearthed for you, a big diehard fan, licenses from Ghibli: official goodies, merchandise with fast delivery directly from Japan.

The Enchanted World of Studio Ghibli Animated Films

The studio's films are numerous and most of them with immense success. In order to meet a very strong demand from the public, Ghibli decided to embark on products derived from its animated films just like its big-eared counterpart in the Americas. These goodies make it possible to make profitable Japanese animated films because there is no doubt about it, employing a full-time team increases production costs and creating animated films is extremely expensive! Among the most popular feature films we can find:

- Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind: A valley princess leads an adventure strewn with pitfalls leaving her village

- The castle in the sky: Laputa, the legendary kingdom floating in the clouds coveted by pirates and soldiers

- My neighbor Totoro: Mei and Satsuki meet legendary spirits and protectors of the forest: Totoro, the big guardian and the catbus. Totoro, iconic icon of Ghibli just like Walt Disney with Mickey Mouse

- Grave of the Fireflies: Seita and Setsuko's survival in a ruthless world

- Kiki's Delivery Service: our little witch must go far away from her family in a town that is not used to seeing magical powers

- Porco Rosso: the adventures of the bounty hunter nicknamed the Red Pig - Porco Rosso aboard his seaplane

- Princess Mononoke: In medieval times, Ashitaka while facing a demonic boar is struck by a curse. His quest to remove the spell will lead him to the independent and female wolf San

- Spirited Away: Saving her parents transformed into pigs and returning home is little Chihiro's quest

- The cat returns : meeting the prince of the kingdom of cats will turn the life of young high school student Haru upside down

- Howl's Moving Castle: a spell cast on Sophie, transformed into a 90-year-old lady by the witch of the Landes. During her flight, she meets Hauru and his mysterious castle, but her true identity cannot be revealed.

- Aryetty, The World of Thieves: The Adventures of a Young Girl from Tokyo Living Under the Floor of an Old House. A life similar to mini-shoots.

Stay warm while shopping from home

With the internet it is much easier. Being able to afford merchandise in Tokyo from your sofa in France is possible because Otakute makes it easy for you.

Obviously, all Ghibli licenses are available in the form of goodies just for us: DVDs and Blu-rays, collector's boxes, T-shirts, clothes, kawaii plush like the totoro plush, sticker, keychain, mini -figurine, figurines and a whole lot of cute things to buy as a gift or for yourself and all via fast delivery from Tokyo, Japan. As much to say to you that a bed set with the effigy of Totoro or Chihiro are available in derivative articles in our Otakute store and also passing by mugs or sweatshirts of the various creatures listed in the various licenses. They can be found in the form of pigs like in Porco Rosso, cats like in Cat Kingdom, fish and turtle in Ponyo, and more.

The animation industry has so many surprises in store. Imagine what a film, a short film would look like without being able to watch them again on DVD or Blu ray at home. We will not lie to each other Ghibli's films are a perfect viewing with wonder with his relatives, accessible to all audiences in most licenses.

Memorable music

No matter how many times you listen to the compositions of famous Joe Hisaishi and his orchestra, you never get tired of them. Each symphonic piece embalms our heart. Besides, do you want to acquire one of the original soundtrack albums? Otakute has searched for OSTs, CDs compiling Studio Ghibli music. Even better than a Tororo plush to give to your cousin or both will do, too.

An animation studio but not only

An amusement park will open in 2022, good news for all fans! Otakute will be able to obtain for you the exclusive goodies of the park, rare collections.

Among the video games adapted by the studio, the famous Ni No Kuni 2 has something to dream of and for good reason, a universe peculiar to fairyland, breathtaking graphics. Why hesitate to order this game? Aaah, simply because you want the Japanese version of the game imported straight from Japan. No worries, Otakute can get it for you at the best price.

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