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With otakute, you can find your favorite vocaloid be it IA, Miku, Rin and Len under different variations of official Japanese products for your greatest pleasure: figurine, wig, plush, t-shirt, ect ...

Official Vocaloids Goodies from Japan


Everyone has heard of vocaloids. Big fans will be delighted to discover the selection of goods on our shop. These articles have the particularity of being official products of Japan, the boxes of Miku Hatsune figures for example have the mention JP with the serial number written on them proving the origin. Your purchases will be done just as well in a Starbucks as in front of Netflix from your home with fast delivery and shipping.


The sound of the future

Vocaloid is known to be a grouping of digital and virtual singers, but in reality it is a technology at the base and is also named after the computer program of speech synthesis developed by the Yamaha Corporation. The most famous of the vocaloids is none other than the kawaii idol Hatsune Miku, who has become the main avatar of the vocaloids. Its name evokes by translation "first sound of the future" in Japanese, a young girl with long turquoise blue hair with quilts, wearing a uniform with a pleated skirt and stockings pulled up to mid-thigh.

The phenomenon of vocaloids is much larger than it seems. Indeed, it is an artistic and cultural universe on a global scale via the internet and its numerous concerts. With Vocaloid, the text-to-speech application, a song can be composed, mixes, an entire work. What are you waiting for to purchase the latest figure on sale from the Bandai Kaito Character Shop.


The vocaloids


There are many vocaloids that are an integral part of Japanese pop culture. They are very popular with audiences around the world. Among the most popular:


  • Hatsune Miku: the famous singer with long hair who has traveled the whole world through her concerts in Châtelet, New York, in Indonesia, in Shanghai but also known as figurine, wig, CD, Artbooks, manga for purchase .
  • Kagamine Rin and Len: the essential twin duo Rin and Len with their panel, a wide choice of t-shirts, sweatshirts, figurines, pop vinyl to acquire in reduction.
  • Luka Megurine: the pop star with long pink hair and Chinese outfit and sometimes in a kimono that we find with the magnificent collector figure to add to your collection.
  • IA: the sublime virtual singer with the acronym "virtual intelligence" enters the scene with figurines and chibi all as beautiful as each other.
  • Kaito: The most popular vocaloid is Meiko's male counterpart. His scarf is an integral part of his design that you can see among the collection of figurines that are on our shop.

Among the humanoids, such a popular virtual character Kizuna AI: this virtual youtuber collaborates with many companies and the videos on her AI Channel page are produced directly in Tokyo. His expressions and actions are carried out using motion capture technology, a concept appealing to the otaku. We have found a great inexpensive Kizuna mouse pad for you. Or we have these awesome keychains on sale.


More than just songs


Seeing the famous doll with the cute and shiny big eyes with her own eyes is a hit with fans. For good reason, the choreographies of the vocaloids in solo or in duet are very well coordinated whether it is on the dance side or on the musical side. These mascots have a musical touch close to pop, rock, techno, jazz and more. This electronic music is presented in CD form, albums such as Thank you 1826 by Miku Hatsune for sale on our Otakute store.


Adapted graphics in different forms


They can now be found in anime form such as that of cartoonist Huke and her Black Rock Shooter where Miku sings her own OVA as well as the credits. Miku also has her own unofficial manga, Hatsune Mix. You can purchase a few of these limited edition manga from the store that's currently on sale.


Akihabara is known to own multiple Hatsune Miku derivative products and vocaloids in general. Our finders at Otakute tried to compact the best products on the online shop. So don’t hesitate any longer and order one of these beautiful card games, or this beautiful school bag for your little girl. In the land of the rising sun, Halloween is also one of the occasions to dress up as one of the vocaloids, we also have a great Miku cosplay for sale.


The otakus cherish their idols and consume derivative products through different media such as figurines, clothes, posters, cushions, plush toys.


The universe of these Virtual Idols is only getting bigger, after all they are an integral part of Japanese Popular Culture. After the clips, video games on playstation are now part of the license. You can purchase any of these games such as Project DIVA from the discount Japanese import edition store.


You have probably understood it but you can get and acquire many products and items on our online store such as an iPhone cover, offer your child a Kaito plush, a figurine, a wig or even a curtain for them. more fans of you. Otakute is the benchmark for buying Vocaloids goodies at low prices with exclusive promotions throughout the year.


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